Real Score Between Healthy Weight Loss and Fad Diets

healthy-vs-fad-dietsThose who have experienced real weight loss had, at one point in time, tried a fad diet. It is natural to hope for weight loss in the fastest possible time and for such hopefuls, fad diets are the first go-to plans.

Facts on Fad Diets

Fad diets promise easy weight loss solutions. But they require limited variety of food intake. Nonetheless, a lot of people are enticed to try them. While some experience immediate weight loss, they are not able to maintain it.

Fad diets deprive the body of the right nutrients. Eventually the body ends up craving for the nutrients which results to over eating and binges. Hence, the body gains back all the weight. In extreme cases, the body gains back even more weight. So while fad diets can shed off the pounds, there is a bigger risk of gaining it all back.

Losing Weight with Balanced Meals

The body cannot function well if deprived of all the other nutrients. A healthy weight loss plan requires correct amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. There are a lot of health risks once the body is deprived of any of the required nutrients. Unfortunately fad diets put the body at risk. So together with the immediate weight loss, fad diets bring in a lot of health issues that can really endanger the body.

The Super-Size Era

Over time, food servings have become too big. This has gotten a lot of people to upgrade their meals and drinks to super sizes.

The super-size mentality has led to a lot of people to gain too much weight. With limitless and, sometimes, humongous servings of french fries, burgers, and burritos; one ends up eating more than the body can handle. Now, that’s a very dangerous way of living. The super-size era just has to end.

Portion Control Is The Way To Go

Diet reviews site says that the best way to replace the “super-size mindset” is shift to healthy foods. Eating a plate full of food is not that back just as long as the plate if full of low-calorie vegetables. It’s also important to choose the right kind of dressing that can go with the salad. The creamy and fatty salad dressings will not help at all.

But of course, to enjoy a variety of food choices, portion control is the best way to go.

Taking some time to learn about food portioning is the healthy way to lose weight. For example, nuts are great food alternatives for snacks but they too should be eaten in control. There’s no need to skip pastas so long as it is served in portions

Food portioning can be a little too tedious to do. That’s why there are weight loss plans that provide meals that have already been portioned in terms of calories and nutrients. Such meal replacements provide the body the right kind of nutrients and the right amount of calories for the body. There’s just no need to calculate or do any tedious food control.

Move that Body

Of course, nothing beats moving that body. Getting into some kind of exercise routine can lead to a healthy and sustainable weight loss. Engaging in regimented gym exercises or playing sports burns the calories and cleanses out the toxins of the body. It’s really one of the best ways to drop the pounds.

Here’s The Real Score

It’s a fact that no one can lose weight overnight. There are no short cuts to weight loss. Fad diets can can only score in a way that they can help lose weight in the most immediate way. But it can no longer score in terms of sustainability and wellness. In no time, fad diets can bring back the pounds and even endanger the body.

Nothing can beat a healthy weight loss that starts with a balanced and well-portioned food intake. It scores way ahead of the fad diets because the weight loss is sustainable and the body is healthy.




Eat The Right Foods To Lose Weight

Yes, there are delicious foods that can really boost your metabolism! These are the foods that you should eat if you’re serious about losing weight. The good thing about these foods is that they are all natural. You can eat so much of them to boost your metabolism and lose weight.

Lucy Danziger, editor of self magazine has this to say:

“The truth is when you eat the right foods, you can eat a lot and you can get rid of that belly fat.”

So here is the list of foods that can actually help you lose weight. The good news is that these foods are actually yummy and delicious that you wouldn’t mind eating them all day.

• Avocado;
• Bananas;
• Greek Yogurt;
• Berries;
• Chocolate Skim Milk;
• Green Tea;
• Citrus Foods;
• Peppers; and
• Whole Grains

Why These Foods Are Good

Avocado is one of the healthiest and tastiest foods. It contains fats that are actually good for the body.

“Your body needs fat so I say instead of using mayonnaise on your bread, try a little of guacamole because this has monosaturated fats which helps your body keep that blood sugar nice and steady.”

Bananas are the best source for potassium. Foods that are high in potassium help prevent swelling and can get rid of water retention.

“Potassium is the anti-sodium. So if you’re bloated and feeling a little puffy, have a banana or half a banana and that’s really gonna get rid of that bloat right away.”

Greek Yogurt is one yummy ways to satisfy your creamy craving. With just a couple of ounces, you can feel satisfied with this particular yogurt. Greek yogurt is also a good source of protein.

“When you have that in the morning, that protein helps that nice steady blood sugar all day long.”

Berries are full of nutrients and vitamins. Tagged as “Super Foods” their bright colors come from the abundance of antioxidants in them.

“I tell my kids, this is nature’s candy. You can have as much blue berries and strawberries as you like.”

Chocolate skim milk is the best drink after a workout. Your muscles can recover better.

“It’s a perfect combination of protein and carb.”

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages. It contains antioxidants that help burn calories.

“It has a special compound. It’s called ECGC that helps rev the metabolism …”

The vitamin c in citrus fruits and peppers can help burn fat as well. As a matter of fact it can “help you burn 30% of more fat”. The good thing about citrus fruits is that you can always eat it any time of the day. It’s the perfect snack to munch on.

Taking in as much fiber is also good for the metabolism.

“If you get to 35 grams of fiber a day, you are burning 6% more calories.”

So there you have it … a list of yummy foods that can actually help you lose weight.




Rewards From My Weight Loss Journey

weight-loss-journeyI could not believe it but I saw myself in a photo that was taken two weeks ago and I looked really slim. I was so surprised. Sure, I had been watching everything I ate in the past months but I did not realize that I could actually reap some rewards from it. Now looking at my photo, it seems like I am starting to see some great results.

Looking back, I could not really believe that I was able to embark on something so healthy. I finally decided to choose the right kind of food. I really wanted to feel good. If I could lose some pounds, then better. Years of carelessly eating chips, pastries, and icre cream left me pretty guilty and eventually very depressed especially when I saw how much pounds I had put on.

The hardest part of my new lifestyle was starting it. I had to let go of some unhealthy habits. One major one was eating a big bag of chips. I could actually eat the whole bag of chips. Unfortunately I’m not talking about the small-sized bag, I’m talking about the large-sized bag of chips.

I can’t say that I’ve totally stopped eating chips. I would still munch on some chips but this time, I choose the chips. I have signed up with a weight loss program that offers great tasting and healthier chips. They’re not fried but baked. Amazingly, they taste good.

The second thing I did was to walk. My office is a 15-minute ride away from my house. I have finally taken the courage to walk to work. The walk to the office normally takes me about 30 minutes. I get up earlier so that I can walk and take some time to change when I get to the office. The good thing about walking to work is that I don’t have to get into some workout plan. I’ve integrated my workout in my everyday activities. That is a real time-saver.

But the most important thing I have done is to eat better foods. I’ve decided to eat more vegetables and fruits. Every time I feel hungry, I usually grab an apple or blend some strawberries to fill me up. It took a while for me to get used to my healthy habits but my body has adjusted to it. Now. I am really enjoying my new-found lifestyle.

At the beginning, there were times when I wanted to let go and go back to eating the kind of food my body was used to. But as I went on with my new-found lifestyle, the temptation to sway away from the healthy habit lessened.

It’s really true that once the body gets used to a more healthy way of living, it no longer craves for the bad habits it once was used to. I guess my body has gotten used to the healthier meals that it does not really long for the junk food it once loved.

So now, I can’t help but smile. I feel good and I want to stay this way for the longest time. I am not, at all, tempted to go back to unhealthy ways of living.