weight-loss-journeyI could not believe it but I saw myself in a photo that was taken two weeks ago and I looked really slim. I was so surprised. Sure, I had been watching everything I ate in the past months but I did not realize that I could actually reap some rewards from it. Now looking at my photo, it seems like I am starting to see some great results.

Looking back, I could not really believe that I was able to embark on something so healthy. I finally decided to choose the right kind of food. I really wanted to feel good. If I could lose some pounds, then better. Years of carelessly eating chips, pastries, and icre cream left me pretty guilty and eventually very depressed especially when I saw how much pounds I had put on.

The hardest part of my new lifestyle was starting it. I had to let go of some unhealthy habits. One major one was eating a big bag of chips. I could actually eat the whole bag of chips. Unfortunately I’m not talking about the small-sized bag, I’m talking about the large-sized bag of chips.

I can’t say that I’ve totally stopped eating chips. I would still munch on some chips but this time, I choose the chips. I have signed up with a weight loss program that offers great tasting and healthier chips. They’re not fried but baked. Amazingly, they taste good.

The second thing I did was to walk. My office is a 15-minute ride away from my house. I have finally taken the courage to walk to work. The walk to the office normally takes me about 30 minutes. I get up earlier so that I can walk and take some time to change when I get to the office. The good thing about walking to work is that I don’t have to get into some workout plan. I’ve integrated my workout in my everyday activities. That is a real time-saver.

But the most important thing I have done is to eat better foods. I’ve decided to eat more vegetables and fruits. Every time I feel hungry, I usually grab an apple or blend some strawberries to fill me up. It took a while for me to get used to my healthy habits but my body has adjusted to it. Now. I am really enjoying my new-found lifestyle.

At the beginning, there were times when I wanted to let go and go back to eating the kind of food my body was used to. But as I went on with my new-found lifestyle, the temptation to sway away from the healthy habit lessened.

It’s really true that once the body gets used to a more healthy way of living, it no longer craves for the bad habits it once was used to. I guess my body has gotten used to the healthier meals that it does not really long for the junk food it once loved.

So now, I can’t help but smile. I feel good and I want to stay this way for the longest time. I am not, at all, tempted to go back to unhealthy ways of living.